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I do not know if you are receiving my letters, but I will keep writing to you as you are always in my mind… We have made an altar to father. We try to keep up our traditions so that we can look forward to the day we can return to our country, although we do not know when that will be. Here we are materially well off, but spiritually deprived. We miss our country. Most of all we miss you. Should Buddha exist, we should keep praying to be reunited. Dear Mother, keep up your mind. Pray to Buddha silently. We will have a future, and i hope it will be soon. 

– Tran Thi Nga

Living in Connecticut, writing to her mother in Vietnam



“I am neither a white nor a black nor a red nor a yellow. I am neither a Christian nor a Jew nor a Mohammedan nor a Mormon. I embrace a woman because I Love and desire her, not because I have a marriage certificate or because I’m sex-starved. I don’t beat children. I don’t fish or hunt, even though I’m a good shot and enjoy shooting at targets. I don’t play bridge and I don’t give parties to air my ideas. If my ideas are sound, they’ll air themselves… I observe to the letter all laws that make sense but combat those that are obsolete or absurd. I want children and young people to enjoy physical love without hindrance. I do not believe that to be religious in the best authentic sense, a man has to destroy his love life and mummify himself, body and soul. I know that what you call “GOD” really exists, but not in the form you think; GOD Is primal cosmic energy, the love in your body, your integrity, and your perception of the nature in you and outside of you.

-Wilhelm Reich

(excerpt taken from his book Listen, Little man!)