Who Am I ?

My name is Juan Ignacio Zubillaga but my friends call me Juani. I am 29 years of age and I was born in the tiny South American nation of Uruguay.  I enjoy music, reading, writing, learning from new experiences, and futbol (soccer). I’m all about maintaining a state of well being and I work hard at keeping my mind, body, and soul in good health. Exercise is my therapy and i’ve been studying and practicing all things fitness for over 10 years. I’m fascinated by other cultures and seeing how other people live their lives. I try to learn and understand from every person and every situation. Everything and everyone has something to teach us. I’m fascinated by the human experience. I’m a student of life, seeking to understand it better in order to improve it. I have an introverted nature and I cherish and flourish in my solitude, where I can reflect and gather energy. I love my friends and family who give meaning and purpose to my life. I took a 6 month course on organic farming and someday when I have my own patch of land I will become a small scale organic farmer where I can grow my own healthy, local, and organic foods to feed my friends and family and those around me. I don’t know exactly what it is I want to do with my life but i think i’m on the right path, or at the very least, i’m moving forward. I’m a life-seeker and I’ve learned that not all who wander are lost. I want to keep exploring, keep learning, and always keep growing. Human kind is going through some perilous times, things are though, and they will only get tougher for our generation. I’m prepared to work hard to take back my future. I believe in the personal empowerment of individuals and in aiding one another to grow.  I stand in awe to the Universe. I marvel at this amazing, heartpounding, awesome experience we call Life and constantly remind myself that we are the lucky ones. We are truly blessed to be alive. They say Life is what you make it and if so, I want to make mine one of meaning, passion, and love.  Thanks ! I hope my blog acts like a candle and reflects light onto others, helping them to grow in their own unique and special ways.

If you want to reach me you can add me on Facebook, or e-mail me at juanzubillaga2@gmail.com.



Good Vibes