Thank You for Sharing this Journey with Me

I found this posted online a couple weeks back but I couldn’t find the source. I did not write this but they asked to share… so i’m sharing. Thank you all who have shared in my journey and allowed me to share in theirs. 

We enjoy music more in concerts.
Sports more at the stadium
Food more at restaurants.
Conversations more in person.

A song that builds when sung with others.
An athlete that becomes a legend as others watch and cheer.
Food that somehow tastes better because of the company, because of the noise of knives and forks clanking.
Words that seem to come on their own as a best friend finishes your sentence.

There is something deep within us that calls for connection.
Something within us that tells us that we are meant to share this existence.
That the beauty of life, of happiness, of love, is that it is shared.

That we were not born into this world as an omnipotent God.
A god that would have to be alone with its power.
We were lucky enough to be born into this world with partners.
Fellow travelers that hold our soul and walk with us through life.

We are lucky enough to share this life.
To share this existence, because it is only when love is shared that it grows.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Share this with someone you want to thank for being a part of your own journey!

Disfrutamos mas la musica en conciertos.
Los deportes mas en un estadio. La comida mas en restaurantes.
Las conversaciones mas en persona.

Una canción que crece cuando se canta con otros.
Un atleta que se convierte en leyenda mientras otros animan.
Comida que por alguna razón sabe mejor debido a la compañia.

Hay algo bien en nuestros fondos que busca esa conexión.
Algo que nos dice que debemos compartir esta experiencia.
Que la belleza de la vida, de la felicidad, del amor, es que se comparte.

Que no nacimos en este mundo como un dios omnipotente.
Un dios que debe permanecer solo con su poder.
Tuvimos la suerte de haber nacido en este mundo con compañeros.
Compañeros de viaje que y caminan con nosotros por esta vida y mantienen de pie nuestra alma.

Tenemos la suerte de compartir esta vida.
De compartir esta existencia, por que el amor solo crece cuando se comparte.

Gracias por compartir este viaje conmigo!

-Autor desconocido