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Majesty of Life

Sometimes it takes stepping completely out of a situation in order to find understanding. We all need transformative experiences. Transformative for the better. The individual needs to be transformed before we transform the collective. This life is amazing, or like joe rogan says “We live in a fucking Fantasy world”. Don’t forget that this life is a trip and we have to enjoy it. Chase your own love and happiness. Live your life with gratitude, with humility and with courage. If you approach psychedelics in the same way then they can be a great tool in your unfoldment as a human being, in your growth towards a more¬†humane individual. I don’t think anything has the potential to be as earth shattering and transformative as psychedelics. As far as i know, it’s the only thing that can, with a single dose, shatter your worldview and wake you up to the realization that this life, this reality, encompasses a lot more than you had previously thought. It’s about a lot more than you had ever imagined. And maybe not everyone needs psychedelics to get the experience, you can get them through other means, but we all need the experience, we all need it in order to change. We all need to shatter this bullshit, conventional, main stream worldview and realize that this life is about a lot more than they tell you in¬†school or in television. Don’t allow anyone to define your life for your. Define your own ideas of progress and success and then go after them. And above all, please THINK. Think about your actions, your thoughts, your words. The ability to think is what defines us as human beings. So turn off the auto-pilot, start thinking and take charge of your life. We are all blessed to be alive and we all get to do what we want with our experience. But remember, we are neither machines nor zombies. We are no simple animal. We’re human beings and we have to start acting like it. Like always, keep growing. In the light direction.

Safe & Sound


I could lift you up
I could show you what you wanna see
And take you where you wanna be

We’re safe and sound….

I could fill your cup
You know my river won’t evaporate
This world we still appreciate

You could be my luck
Even in a hurricane of frowns
I know that we’ll be safe and sound

We’re safe and sound….

I could show you love

In a tidal wave of mystery

You’ll still be standing next to me


Never Let you Go

no soltarte jamas



“…I want to listen to your laugh all night and fall asleep on your chest, without shadows or ghosts, I want you to never let you go ”

-Mario Benedetti

-For HER