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Plant the Spring inside your Mouth

Source Unknownyo te planto la primavera en la bocaTranslation

I threw my mirrors in the garbage:
Since you put your eyes on me I don’t want to look another way.
How do i explain it,
since you wished me good night, in that way of yours,
I dream differently, without fear.
You made it so that I see you even when I close my eyes.

And i like it (you).

So don’t take too long,
my bed wears down from not laying you on it,
the city turned ugly since we havent’ kissed,
the house complains and says it’s going on strike
until your smile comes back to love me and brighten my afternoons.
I have bad days just so you can show up and fix them
and…. I need it to work.

Don’t take long,
Come fill my winter with flowers
and I will plant the spring inside your mouth.

For Her


Another Great Free People Short. In Rangeen, a family wedding celebration brings longtime friends, Maya and Maritza, played by Freida Pinto and Maritza Veer, to Rajasthan, India. Maritza brings along an unexpected travel companion, her brother, who immediately takes interest in Maya. It doesn’t take long before she lets her shyness fall away and the two take off together for adventures in the city. Love finally blossoms amidst the Holi Festival where they find their true colors unveiled.