@Be Wise 6

“Si cuido de mi caracter, mi reputacion se cuidara sola.”
Character and reputation


“O nos convertimos miserables, o nos convertimos fuertes. La cantidad de trabajo es el mismo.”



 “Resuelve tu propia salvación. No dependas en otros.”

Buddha wisdom-Barra tu propia puerta


 “El nitrógeno en nuestro ADN. El calcio en nuestros dientes. El hierro en nuestra sangre. Todos fueron hechos en el interior de estrellas colapsansdo. Estamos hechos de la materia de las estrellas. Somos una manera para que el cosmos de conozca a si mismo.”

Carl Sagan-We are the Universe


“With Time I’ve learned….

That we have to believe in deeds, not words. That great friends can become great strangers. I’ve learned that to be in love is the most beautiful madness. That when words fail, music speaks. That it doesn’t no matter how strong we are, we all need a hug at some point. That the written word, written stays. That he/she who wants you, will seek you, will think of you, and demonstrates it. That there is no weapon more powerful than words. I’ve learned that friends can be counted on one hands. That a smile has the power to change the world.  That if you want something, you have to get up and go after it. And above all, i’ve learned that in life, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being happy.”

Con el tiempo aprendi