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Mind Over Matter

A video which highlights the power of the human mind. What is consciousness? where does imagination come from? It is at the root of everything ever created yet its power remain a mystery. This video will hopefully force you to question reality and make you think about the amazing tool which we all posses inside of our heads. Think and wonder.


Make the Money don’t let the Money Make YOU

“Humbled by the road, I’m realizing I’m not important
See life’s a beautiful struggle, I record it
Hope it helps you maneuvering through yours and
That’s why we stay in the lab at night
I’ve been staring into this pad for over half my life
A true artist won’t be satisfied
So I guess that’s the sacrifice
And I say……

Make the money, don’t let the money make you
Change the game, don’t let the game change you
I’ll forever remain faithful”

Multi_Viral de Calle 13

“We live in the world that your propaganda made, but where you think you are strong you are weak. Your lies tell us the truth we will use against you. Your secrecy shows us where we will strike. Your weapons reveal your fears for all to see. From Cairo to Quito a new world is forming. The power of people armed with the truth.” – Julian Assange

Piedra, Papel o Tijera

What is it that connects us with certain people? Is it chance? is it destiny? Certain people come into our lives unexpectedly and shake everything up. They topple our barriers and enter our minds effortlessly, without ever asking for permission. There is something that sparks when the right two people meet each other. I don’t know what it is but once ignited, this invisible, magical force starts acting between the two, mysteriously connecting them together. This force draws them together exerting its power trough distance and time. Believe that chance encounters happen for a reason.
Es lindo creer que los encuentros inesperados tienen sentido. Que es eso que nos conecta con ciertas personas? Es casualidad? es destino? Hay ciertas personas que entran inesperadamente en nuestras vidas y revuelven todo. Derrumban nuestras barreras y se meten en nuestras cabezas con facilidad y sin pedir permiso. No se lo que es, pero hay algo que enciende cuando nos encontramos con la persona indicada. Una vez encendida esta fuerza mágica e invisible arranca a actuar entre los dos y los conecta misteriosamente. Esta fuerza los atrae y ejerce su poder a través del tiempo y la distancia.

Get On Your G.R.I.N.D

“So it’s not about fame, and fortune
It’s about believing and believing in yourself
And understanding that this life is life
It’s liberty and the pursuit of happiness
And happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time
It’s about loving what you have
So get ready it’s a new day” -Asher Roth


One of my favorite performances of all time is of Jeff Buckley. He sings with his heart and passion flows out in every note. Great music has the power to make us truly feel, embarking us on a roller-coaster of emotions. This song is sad and melancholic, it’s beautiful and inspiring, and his performance gives me the chills. The outpouring of his soul into the music warms the heart and soothes the spirit. Thank you Jeff

History is a Metamorphosis

Video of speech given by Terence McKenna produced by Omega Point

The Scarecrow

This is Water

Please take the time to listen to this wonderful speech given by award winning American writer, David Foster Wallace.

What is Wrong with our World

Another great video by Omega Point which showcases a speech by the late Alan Watts.