@Simply Living

by juani913

I chose to name my blog Corimagua to commemorate indigenous people throughout the world. Their people and cultures have slowly disintegrated to a point of near extinction but small pockets of proud indigenous tribes remain who maintain alive their customs, rituals, stories and knowledge. They have a deep understanding of the spiritual nature of our lives and of our interconnectedness with the planet and all other living beings. I decided to write a quote either by indigenous people or related to them in the morning, in order to share some of their wisdom with whoever reads my blog. I hope you find some truth in their wise and humbling words and they teach you like they have taught me. 

When you can see, just give thanks for what you have gone through, what you are going through. Just give thanks. When you start doing that, things will change….. You may think you have lost everything, but when you can see you will know you have gained more than you ever had to give up. You will have found Yourself. Some never do.

-Lee Lyons

Onondaga Nation