@ Simply Living: Everything you need is already inside

by juani913

There’s a story that the gods were talking one day, all gathered up, and they said, “Wait a minute now. Here we got man and he’s got all this power. He’s got all this potential. Man is a part of us…. but he hasn’t come to the point to where he knows what to do with this. What are we going to do?” They said, “We’ve got to hide it from him.” One said, “Let’s put it in the bottom of the ocean.” Another said, “No, no, He’ll go down there….” “Let’s put it up in the sky.” “No, no, one day he’s going to fly up there……” “Well, let’s bury it deep in the earth.” “No. He’ll dig. He’ll dig it up.” “Well, where are we going to put it?” One said, “Let’s go to the big god, the wisest of all, and ask him.” So they went to the wisest and they asked, “Where are we going to hid this from man?” He looked at them and responded, “Put it within him. He’ll never look there.”

-Leandis, Mexican healer, Northern Mexico