by juani913

Human beings have survived on planet earth because we posses certain traits which secured a place for us in the evolutionary struggle of life. We don’t have exceptional speed, strength, or agility so how is it that we became the dominant species ? We are incredibly slow in comparison to other species, running away from predators is unlikely since we don’t posses exceptional speed. At college, two of my friends and I tried catching a squirrel once and I quickly realized that human beings are not very agile in comparison to other animals. Even though some of us like to think we are strong because we lift weights and go to the gym. We are scrawny and weak in comparison to our closest genetic relatives; the chimpanzees, whose DNA is 98% identical to ours. We can’t hear as well as a bat, smell as well as a dog or see as well as an eagle. Regardless of all these weak points, not only have we survived on the planet, we have flourished and thrived and rose to dominance in an incredibly short time on the evolutionary scale. How did we do this? what is in that 2% of genetic material that makes us so different from chimpanzees? The key to our success is the possession of the most complex structure on earth. Weighing in a mere 1.5 kilograms and occupying the space of two fists, the one, the only: The Human Brain

The human brain is a big part of what makes us human and it’s sad to think that most people don’t use it, they run on autopilot almost never resorting to the true power of thought. The power of the human brain is unmatched by any supercomputer. The human brain might be the most important thing ever created, we cannot let it go to waste. Maybe whoever designed all this realized how precious life was and entitled us humans, to look after it. With our brains we could observe, understand and protect life. There is an age old saying that says that with great power comes great responsibility. Humanity, as a whole is far from being responsible and our species needs to grow up and we need to do it fast. 

Exiting and challenging times lie ahead. The great river of change is upon us, its waves are crashing evermore violently against our shores. We cannot set up barriers to stop it, we cannot build dams to try to control it. We must let it flow through us, wholly and completely and embrace this change. Modern industrial civilization has only been around for 200 years, thats it. 200 years is nothing, it is a tiny little blimp on the evolutionary scale yet most think life has been like this forever and that nothing can ever change. Don’t be fooled, this is just a short little experiment humanity has been on, and in many ways it is failing. We must change and adapt our course or we too will become part of the the millions of species who have gone extinct. We will become just another failed evolutionary attempt. Life will re-group and start over, and all our power, all our magnificence, all our potential will be……… forgotten. 

We need to grow up, become responsible, and utilize this great power bestowed upon us. We are the protectors and nourishers of life, the single greatest miracle in the universe. Wrap that through your mind, internalize it and accept it. We are on the brink of extinction and we still want “business as usual”. We want everything to continue just as it is, steadfastly refusing to allow change to flow through us. How is it that the protectors became the abusers? Where did we go wrong? We might never now, but what i do know is that we can change. We can assume our responsibilities and build a new and better world for our children and grandchildren. We can start building today the world of tomorrow where life and love are abundant, a world that acknowledges our interconnectedness and as such, values collaboration and cooperation, compassion, wisdom, and above all love.  Let’s be human beings and like always keep growing in the light direction.