by juani913

This Comment is for the Terence McKenna video talking about the impacts of culture on our lives, and Robert Anton Wilson talking about why we shouldn’t blindly believe the things people say.

We can’t let the negative aspects of our culture suck us in, control and shape us. Don’t follow any practice, or ritual, or party, or group of people who are doing things which you don’t agree with. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Don’t do anything you don’t believe in. Don’t follow anyone else’s BS. Listen to yourself and follow your own reason and common sense. We are all unique individuals, magnificent in our own ways. Don’t allow main-stream culture to dictate who you become and form your person. Become whoever you want to become. Trust your intuition and have faith, those who look inside for answers are all learning from the same teacher. Consciousness resides inside all of us and it’s guiding us all in the same direction. You are a lot more unique, talented, courageous, and fucking awesome than you ever imagined, TRUST ME! Just Find yourself, then express it. Be the person you know you can be. Become your Dream