Don’t let Opportunities Pass

by juani913




Poem by American poet and author Sylvia Plath illustrated by Zen Pencil. 




I’m at a moment in my life where I too stand before the giant fig tree of opportunities. I don’t exactly know which direction to go in. I have before me dozens of different paths that I could take but lately I feel sort of stalled. I’m stalled not by a lack of motivation, drive, or intelligence, what holds me back is deciding which branch to follow, what holds me back is my decision. I know that no matter what I choose I will do a good job, I consider myself a very able human being and once committed I will put my all into it; but with all these opportunities before me i’m overwhelmed at times, I mean how do you chose the right path? How do you know that the one you chose is the one that is best fitting for you? There’s is no way of really knowing since you can only live one path at a time. You have to chose and don’t let the fear of choosing the wrong path stop you from deciding on one. If you realize that the path you are on is not as fulfilling as you thought it would be then have the courage to choose a new path and start the journey once again. Commit with all the energy in your being to it, and have faith that whatever path you chose is the path for you. If you sit and do nothing, the opportunities that are all around you will slowly wither and disappear. Windows of opportunity open but they also sure do close. Don’t let the moment pass.Inaction is your worst enemy. Decide, commit and succeed.