Before We Found Our Way

by juani913

WE HUMANS ARE CAPABLE OF GREATNESS. It’s very hard to believe that with the knowledge of how precious our planet is humanity continues to treat it like garbage. We think it holds an infinite amount of resources for us to take and consume with no regards to the natural order of things. If we’re not dumping shit, we are extracting it, all at a faster pace and in ever increasing numbers. If the dreams of Carl Sagan are to become true, humanity needs to re-evaluate its relationship to the living biological entity we call home. Planet earth creates humans, we are made from it, not the other way around. It takes only a little bit of common sense to realize that if you destroy that which sustains you, you will surely be destroyed as well. Let’s take care of the natural world we are a part of and let’s stop with the bullshit. Let’s change this outdated and inefficient world we have created and truly work to create a healthy and sustainable world where all humans can not only survive, but thrive until eternity. We can create a world of abundant happiness and health, we are capable of greatness. Our species has gotten lost lately, and we’ve headed down some wrong paths but we hold a special and unique purpose in the cosmos and we must strive to find our way.