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@ Simply Living
I’m grateful for anything that reminds me of what’s possible in this life. Books can do that. Films can do that. Music can do that. School can do that. It’s so easy to allow one day to simply follow into the next, but every once in a while we encounter something that shows us that anything is possible, that dramatic change is possible, that something new can be made, that laughter can be shared. -Jonathan Safran Foer


Soy agradecido por todo lo que me recuerda de lo que es posible en esta vida. Libros pueden hacerlo. Películas pueden hacerlo. Música puede hacerlo. La educación puede hacerlo. Es muy fácil dejar que un día simplemente siga y se convierta en otro, pero de vez en cuando nos encontramos con algo que nos muestra que cualquier cosa es posible, que un cambio dramático es posible, que se puede crear algo nuevo, que las risas se pueden compartir.-Jonathan Safran Foer


The Reason is You

I like to think that life is not ultimately meaningless but full of purpose. Like Aristotle said, “happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”  In our own weird and mysterious ways we all strive for happiness and love. Love is the purpose and the way, we all want to feel loved. But this dualistic world sometimes feels crazy, upside down and wrong and love seems to be non-existant. There are days where I am bombarded with negativity which I try to shrug off but it works hard at taking hold. There was a time when negativity had taken grasp of my soul and days darkened and drifted into each other, but it all ended when you appeared. Out of nowhere you came in to my life and like a gust of refreshing air you blew the negativity away and awakened the positivity that laid dormant inside of me. You gave me a reason to believe in love as the answer to most questions of meaning in life. You gave me medicine in the form of kisses, laughs and happiness. They say that love is just a word, a loose construct, until someone comes in to your life to give it meaning. I found that meaning in you. Just the thought of you comforted me because my life was a frown and you turned it into a smile. When we met I told you that I like to write but when I shared that with you i had not written for months. I only write when i have an inspiration to do so, i can’t force it. When i’m inspired the sentences flow out of me, like i’m channeling ideas from someone else’s mind, a mind much more clearer and sharper than mine. It know it sounds strange but its how my mind works. It’s the miraculous inspiration that you give me which is special and unique. I was a secluded and reserved person and never shared much of myself to anyone until you appeared. Once i started sharing things with you i realized that i had been dying to share my ideas, my thoughts, myself, and didn’t even know it. I realized that It is through this sharing that one explores his depths. You give me a reason to write and the simple fact that you sit there, day after day, and receive my messages, that you read them and try to listen to what it is truly is i want to say, that gives me inspiration to continue. You helped me to find myself. You bring out the best in me and continually inspire me to be better. This brilliance lay hidden inside of me and and you grabbed me by the shoulders and shook my life so I could find it. You came with your torch of passion and love and set my life ablaze. You lit a fire that will forever burn inside my soul. The reason is you and talking to you makes my day. 

A story for all those looking for a special kind of love. Believe that it is out there and don’t settle until you find it.