by juani913

Hay que abrazar a la felicidad




In the world there are nearly seventy thousand million people. But none like you. It is possible that someone resembles you in body structure, in the way you walk, in the tone of your voice, the way you laugh, the color of your eyes. I’m sure that someone has told you: “I confused you for….”, or “you look a lot like…..”. But you are different than the rest. You are unique and unrepeatable. You are you. Yours are your dreams and fears, the feelings that shudder your heart, its most intimate beats, the laugh that fills your eyes and jumps like a torrent from your chest. Human beings are not made in series, nor are we anybody’s copy. Because you are unique and unrepeatable you are neither superior nor inferior than anybody. You are you. You have to dare to be you. Your history is yours, with its moments of joy and pain, with its miseries and wonders, with its triumphs and defeats. Your present and your future belong to you. Nobody will decide for you, nobody should live your life for you. You will be what you decide to be. You are today, the father or mother of the man or woman you will be tomorrow. In your hands is the possibility to live life in a superficial, hollow and even destructive way. Or, of living it in a profound way, marking a trail and leaving footprints. You can live life drowning it, suffocating it, making others suffer. Or, you can live defending life, giving happiness and feeding hearts. You can live promoting affection and love, or live promoting fear and hate. You can contribute so the world becomes a better place or help make it worst. It depends on you what is said and will be said of you, how you will be remembered. You can be that friend, that neighbor, that son, that father, that mother that you wish you had.

-Antonio Perez Esclarin