We need to Think

by juani913

hace falta pensar-Infs


We need to start thinking,

That in this world houses are abundant, but we lack homes. That lies are exhibited with a flavoring of truth. That without a doubt he who knows how to fight, who doesn’t poison, who doesn’t allow anything or anyone to stain him, is strong. That in every corner of the world there is a soul, looking for its place, and we run automatically, thinking of working, working, working, to have some to spend.

People from the city aren’t that bad, they are just people who don’t know what it is to vibrate. That liberty makes governments tremble, and that within us lies the possibility for change.

That we can’t let hope perish. That we can be happy, really truly happy. That’s what i chose to create, my happiness.

That there are many hard sorrows, but heroism exists. That we can’t lose our lives. In this life we have to love, we have to give, the intangibles, we have to move forward.

We need to pause, and start thinking.