by juani913

Short film by Matthew Frost starring Kirsten Dunst. The film highlights a sad aspect of social media. People get caught up, living inside a virtual world, instead of living the real thing happening outside of their devices. We experience awesome and breathtaking moments and instead of being truly present in the moment and enjoying it, we worry about taking a picture so we can gather likes form other people in on Facebook. As if the moment itself wasn’t enough, we need approval from other people. I think at the root of this we want other people to be envious of us, we bragg about how awesome and cool our life is, like we’re saying “Hey look at me and the things I do. Look at the life i’m living”. But are you really living this life you portray or is it just a fictional construct. We all tend to aggrandize our virtual lives. If you only looked at social media, you would think that everyone is living their life to the fullest, everyone’s life is a party and everyone is always happy. But what do i know, maybe they are, maybe they enjoy the likes more than living the moment, I don’t know. Just some thoughts i had after watching this clip. Next time your experiencing an awesome and cool moment, don’t worry about capturing it to show others, that’s not what its about. Life is about what Terance Mackena called the felt presence of direct experience. So just be present, be fully involved, and truly live the moment.