Girls Who Read

by juani913

Spoken word written and performed by Mark Grist, UK teacher, poet and battle rapper, from Peterborough UK. He reminds us that we have to keep learning, we have to keep growing, constantly striving to flourish. Being smart is cool, so why not strive to be a smart and cool person. Learn in any way that you want, you don’t necessarily have to read, but make you sure you keep learning. Becoming Human is a learning process and the more we know the better people we are, becoming more and more awesome with every new thing we learn. 

“Some guys prefer asses, some guys prefer tits, and I am not saying that i don’t like these bits, but what’s more important. What supersedes? Is a girl with passion, wit, and dreams. So i’d like a girl who reads.”

-Mark Grist

intelligence is sexy

esto te hace linda