Earth Godess

by juani913

Earth Goddess

In you resides the same love and refuge I found in nature.All that is beautiful in this universe finds its roots at the same source and that’s where the special kind of love that you and I share and thrive in resides. I tap into this special place through your kisses, your hugs, your caressing, your touch, your embrace, through your love. You are my earth goddess, echoing your presence in all breath-taking forms of creation. All the beauty in this world is a passage to your heart and a window to your soul.

You’re my sunrises and sunsets. You were drawn by same hand which paints its majestic portraits everyday when the sun comes up and when it goes down. You’re a magnificent combination of colors, an awe inspiring experienceYou’re the beautiful foliage and tint that give a New England Fall its beauty. You’re my snowflake, my peaceful falling snow in the winter. You’re softly, gently caressing winds that sooth and refresh my face, body and soul and it’s your name I hear being whispered by the wind.

As gravity pulls the leaves down once they detach from the branches in the fall, you are my gravity, and If I fall, I will gravitate towards you. You came into my life and planted a garden in my soul. You’re my rebirth and flourishing spring and in every beautiful blossoming flower, it’s you that I see.

You are the soil where I will plant my roots allowing me to expand and grow. Just as a tree grows upwards towards the skies, drawn towards the light, you’re my light in the sky illuminating my life. You sprouted love inside my chest which blooms in my heart every time you put your beautiful brown eyes on me. A love that flourishes like a blossoming flower, unfolding its beauty unto the world.

You’re every butterfly in gracious flight, a soaring example of beauty and freedom. You’re the feeling I get when i’m relaxing at the beach. You’re a bright summer sun warming up my life.  You’re my eternal vacation and there is nowhere else i’d rather be or go.  You can make a lifeless and dead winter feel like a warm and bountiful summer. You are ocean and moon, Luna y Mar. You can make storms rise beneath my skin.

Out of the eternal sea of stars which make up the cosmos, you are the shooting star which crosses my sky, my wish come true. The same serenity I feel when I see myself reflected in calm waters, I feel when I see myself reflected in your eyes. You’re my tranquility, my peace. You’re an ocean of Romance and your waves of passion will continually and eternally crash on the shores of my soul.

You’re the air to my lungs, the breath to my life and I would be lifeless without your love. I feel you with every pump of my heart and with every inhale and exhale it’s you that I breathe. Wherever I am or go, there is always something which reminds me of you. Even without looking for you, I find and see you everywhere.  Sometimes I think I must have your face tattooed on the back of my eyelids, ingrained there forever, because no matter how paradoxical it may sound, when I close my eyes It’s you that I see.

You are where I belong and my heart is yours to keep and treasure. I can never have enough of you, I can never get too close, I always want more. What I feel for you goes beyond desire, it’s more like devotion. Devotion is the continuous flow of desire towards a goal and you are my goal and destination, my eternal devotion.

With you I feel invincible, capable of anything and I will seek you continuously because in you and our love lies this inexhaustible source of energy. Your love gives me the same driving force that has pushed all the great achievers of our species forward, the force that propels humankind to flourish. You are my destination, my beauty, my reason, my purpose, and my destiny, in this life and the next, for the rest of time. You are my karma. Our story will repeat itself, over and over for eons.

The continuation of this soul stretching, heart pounding, life enhancing love we share might be the whole purpose of the Universe, the light which illuminates the vast darkness. The force that draws me to you is incomprehensible, way beyond my narrow understanding, but very real and potent.

You’re simplicity and complexity infused in one and I understand you without knowing why or how. You’re harmonious and whole and like nature you are beautiful beyond measure. I stand in awe before you and I am eternally grateful for the nourishment you provide. Now that I found you, I could not live without you, you are my sustenance, my fuel. You’re my love, my refuge, my breath, my inspiration and muse, my everything. You are my earth, my goddess, the one I admire and am devoted to, the one I praise and your song I will always sing.

For Her