@ Be Wise 18

by juani913

“La Escalada hacia la MADUREZ”Maturuity

“With any undertaking, there will be many people who will tell you not to do it. When they see that they cannot stop you they will tell you how to do it, and finally when they see that you have done it, they will say they always believed in you.”Maxwell dice

“No cuentes los dias, haz que los días cuenten.”muhammadalidontcountthedays

“And we’ve learned…. that love transforms us, that we see further when we dream, and hope helps us defeat fear.’mili bisso

“Piensa positivamente, busca contactos, ejercita diariamente, come sano, trabaja duro, mantente fuerte, construye fe, preocupate menos, lee mas, se feliz, trabaja de voluntario, relajate, ama, vive.”model of life