@ Be Wise 19

by juani913

Not poor

Jose “Pepe” Mujica

“I’m not poor, poor are those who think i’m poor. I have few things, it’s true, the minimum, but only so that I can be rich.”

“I want to have time so that I can dedicate it to the things that motivate me. And if I had a lot of things I would have to tend to them and I wouldn’t be able to do the things I really like. That is true freedom. austerity,  small consumption.  so I can dedicate time to the things I truly enjoy. If not,  I would have to hire a maid, and then I would have someone monitoring things inside the house. And if I have a lot of things I have to dedicate myself to looking out for them so that no one takes them. No thanks, with three little pieces I have enough. We dust them off with the broom between my wife and I; and thats it, it’s over. Then we really have time to dedicate to the things which truly inspire us. We are not poor.”


“Slowly die, those who don’t travel, who don’t read, who don’t listen to music, who don’t laugh at themselves”neruda-muere lentamente


“Cree en aquellos que buscan la verdad. Desconfía de quienes la hayan encontrado. Desconfía de todo, pero nunca de ti mismo.” never doubt yourself


” La sabiduría me dice que soy nada. El amor me dice que soy todo. Entre medio de los dos fluye mi vida”nisargadatta

“Cambia tus pensamientos y puedes cambiar al mundo.”normanvincentpealequote