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Nahko and Medicine for the People is an American world music musical collective formed in 2008. The five member group is headed by frontman Nahko Bear and their music is a fusion of various cultural musical influences.Nahko Bear was born in Portland, Oregon and he has a mixed ethnic background which includes Apache, Puerto Rican, and Filipino descent. He began playing piano at age six. His creative inspiration is the desire to bridge cultural gaps. This is one of my favorite songs by them titled, “Love Letters to God”. Hope it inspires you as much as it did me. Enjoy!

Give, always give what you can
, even if your allies draw lines in the sand
And dig, always dig a little deeper
Sometimes it’s hard to be my brother’s keeper
Love. So you let love in
Baby, I am home in the wake of your skin, and it’s crazy
How we wear our ceremony. 
Always be open to your path and your journey

My love, we are destined to teach these ones to be brave
And never run away
Courage is birthed from the womb on the first light of day
Yeah, the day you were born, you came out perfect
 never meant to be torn
In silence, never been so loud in the violence
Never been so proud of a people
When we’re fighting for a change
Not afraid to lose it all despite all the rage
We are animals
And we cannot be caged
Provoke us to fight
So we burn a little sage and write poetry
Wiser than the enemy will ever be
The minority
And authority
Are you here to protect or arrest me?
I can’t tolerate the hate, and I’m losing sleep
Can’t breathe, cause they’re choking out a war in me
, Immorality.

Love letters to God
Wonder if she reads them or if they get lost
In the stars, the stars, in the stars
So many parts to a heavy heart
If there’s no beginning, then where would you start?
Start, start, where would you start?

And open, 
Open up your fist
. A misconception, you can fight like this
In praise, with the power of prayer
If God’s on our side, we can take the stairs
 to the heavens
Flipping through my chapter seven
I live with the snakes in the great deception
No court, in this country for men, who steal from their mother on paper with pen
And we’re tripping
Down a red dirt road
And we’re asking
Is this the way we should go?
Kissing, soft top feet of my goddess
We walk the earth, baby, yeah we got this
Focus, and it’s redirected
Grateful, and I’m resurrected
Stubborn, but I know the way
You’re the skin of my drum
, to your rhythm I will sway
Take my hand
I won’t lead you astray
We will not go gently into the darkest of days


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“Y sepa que cada desafio y problema en nuestras vidas aparece para ensenarnos una lección. Son tiempos como estos que nos convierten.”


aun hay vida en tus suenos

Don’t give up, please don’t stop. Even if the cold burns, even if fear bites at you, even if the sun hides and the wind quiets. There is still fire in your soul. There is still life in your DREAMS.”


no te rindas

“To Whom it may concern:

This time I’m not here to give you any motivational speeches, nor to tell you that everything will be okay because maybe that won’t be the case for some time. I’m not even going to tell you that I understand you because I have not been in the same situation you are in. I also won’t ask you to be strong because I know you have been for a long time. But remember that just like you, there are many people around the world who are fighting to be happy, don’t give up.”


smooth seas and skilled sailors

“Un mar tranquilo nunca a formado a un gran marinero”


tu ejemplo-Coehlo

The world changes, not with your opinion, but with your example.”