@Motivation 12

by juani913



“Y sepa que cada desafio y problema en nuestras vidas aparece para ensenarnos una lección. Son tiempos como estos que nos convierten.”


aun hay vida en tus suenos

Don’t give up, please don’t stop. Even if the cold burns, even if fear bites at you, even if the sun hides and the wind quiets. There is still fire in your soul. There is still life in your DREAMS.”


no te rindas

“To Whom it may concern:

This time I’m not here to give you any motivational speeches, nor to tell you that everything will be okay because maybe that won’t be the case for some time. I’m not even going to tell you that I understand you because I have not been in the same situation you are in. I also won’t ask you to be strong because I know you have been for a long time. But remember that just like you, there are many people around the world who are fighting to be happy, don’t give up.”


smooth seas and skilled sailors

“Un mar tranquilo nunca a formado a un gran marinero”


tu ejemplo-Coehlo

The world changes, not with your opinion, but with your example.”