@ Live Your Life

by juani913

This next picture series is titled Live Your Life and it consists of a collection of pictures and quotes which remind us that the whole point and purpose of this ride we call life, is to live. Not to passively float down the current of life, but to grab hold of the sails of our ship and live a life of purpose and passion. Our lives are ours to live, so we must find and live out our truths in order to feel alive and present and free ourselves from fears, inhibitions and self imposed limitations. Life is a short fragment in time, Like the great writer Paulo Coelho said, a parenthesis in eternity. It’s our own precious moment and we must treat it as such. Life is precious. You are precious. Now start Living!

It's just a ride-Paulo Coelho

“Somos viajeros en un viaje cósmico, polvo de estrellas dando vueltas y bailando en los torbellinos y remolinos de la infinidad. La vida es eterna. Hemos parado por un momento para encontrarnos unos con otros, para conocernos, para amarnos, para compartir. Este es un momento precioso. Es un pequeño paréntesis en la eternidad.”