Live Forever

by juani913


The time will come when we are all condemned for what we’ve done

[Verse 1: Shad]
I say the times begun to pay for our crimes no time to run
It’s sundown these days are the final ones
Looking dumbfounded staring in the eye of a gun
And we all scared to die we all fear the pallbearer
All scared to cry we all fear our salt tears
But why when we live it’s so miserable
Can’t get along why is forgiving so difficult
Why we live alone, what we living for is critical
Someone give some hope that’s breath for our living souls
Even if your physical can’t breathe stand up and lead
Me and my band of brothers advance under siege
Move towards the future the commander and chief
Plant a flag on this soul call if land of the free
Every day both rich and poor wonder what we living for

[Hook: Dallas Green]
We’re gonna live forever
(What we gonna live for)

And when the smoke finally clears we’re gonna rise above the ash
We’re gonna live
We’re gonna live
We’re gonna live forever

Like this
I can’t sweat trying to make the coolest impression
Trying to get power is a foolish obsession
Why use talent as a tool for oppression
A real king ain’t got to rule with a weapon
Dog what if we went to school for possession instead of jail
They say to stop the crazy talk Shad we never will
I guess I still believe love can never fail
Cross eyes on heaven looking crazy as hell
Maybe I dwell too much on legacy, destiny
Like I could ever read whats on the headstone ahead of me
But in my head I see we are carving the letters
Everyday that thought makes me work hard for the better
The truth comes out but it starts at the center
The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart
The heart’s made of matter that you can’t measure
That matters beyond measure like light when it travels in the dark