@ Wisdom -John Trudell

by juani913

“Power….. a blizzard is power, an earthquake is power, a tornado is power. These are all things of power that no oppressor, no machine age can put these things of power in a prison. No machine can make these things of power submit to the machine age. That is natural power. And just as it takes millions of billions of elements to make a blizzard to happen, or to the make an earthquake make the earth move; then it is going take millions and billions of us. We are Power. We have that same power. We have the potential for that power. I remember in the 60’s and 70’s and all I heard all these things about power to the people, and I never really understood that, because everyone was saying power to the people and they were taking about demonstrations, talking about voting. They were dealing on the terms of the oppressor. Our power will come back to us, our sense of balance will come back to us, when we go back to natural way of honoring and protecting the earth. If we have forgotten how to do it, and if we think the task is too overwhelming and we can never accomplish it. Then all we have to do as an individual, we can go out and find some spot on the earth we can relate to, feel that energy, feel that power. That’s were our safety will come from, the earth will take care of us.”