On Happiness

by juani913

Happiness isn’t just a word. It is a World.

When I listen to music, it clears my head of all the worries & troubles this world brings. For those five to six minutes I go to a place where the sun always shines, and they don’t even have the word cloud because they’ve never seen one.

When I’m in love with someone and there is that hint of hope that they too might love me, I go to this place. When i’m having a great time with my friends, cracking each other up, I also visit this wonderful place.

That look in my dogs eyes when i return home whether i’ve been gone for ten minutes or three days, I know by that look that he’s in that spectacular place.

Enjoying food that is good for me also takes me to this other realm.

Happiness isn’t jus a word. It is a World. A world I try to live in as much as possible. I can understand the misconception between world and word, but if more people realize it’s more a world that a word; then this world would be a much better place.

It is and always will be about your perception; not about how other people’s world appears.

-Lisa has Heart

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