Enamorarse A destiempo

by juani913

Short Poem by 25 year old Poet Cesar Brandon. Cesar is from guinea but lived in Spain for most of his life. He rose to notoriety after wining Spain’s got talent, delivering his wonderful prose to the astonishment of the crowds. The world needs more poets! We need more creativity and more beauty !

Me enamore de una canción y era de carne y hueso

Me enamore de una chica que no solo era carne,

sino que también era seso.

Me Enamore…..

Me enamore de su cuerpo, de su beso y de su sexo

Si!…. Si!…. Si! … Me enamore.

Me enamore de su verso….

Me enamore de su peso,

de su cielo y de su infierno

de su vuelo y de su suelo.

de su ME VOY!, y pues claro, yo también me vengo.

Me enamore, joder que si me enamore.

Me enamore, pero, creo que me enamore a destiempo.

Por que…. cuando desperte…. todo era un sueño.

Me volvi a enamorar pero ….. 

Tu habías Muerto.



I fell in love with a song and it was of flesh and bones

I fell in love with a girl who was not only flesh, 

but also brains.

I fell in love….. 

I fell in love with her body, her kiss and her sex.

Yes!…. Yes!… Yes!… I fell in love.

I fell in love with her verse

I fell in love with her weight,

of her heaven and hell.

of her flight and her ground.

Of her ‘I’m leaving’, and of course i come also. 

I fell in love, fuck i fell hard.

I fell in love, but i think at the wrong time

because…. when i awoke…. everything was a dream.

I fell in love again….. 

but you had died.