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The Duet

Amazing Short film “The Duet” directed by Glen Keane for Google. Keane  is an American animator, author and illustrator. Keane is best known for his character animation at Walt Disney Animation Studios for feature films including The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and Tangled.

The story takes you from the connection of two people from birth into adulthood where they ultimately fall in love. The animated short highlights a special kind of  a love and union, one sought after by all of us . It’s dream-like and yet, it’s as real as anything you can bang your knuckles on an touch. All you have to do is seek and believe. Enjoy!

-For Her

“People are who they are by the way they react to things.”

                                                                                          -Glen Keane



Another Great Free People Short. In Rangeen, a family wedding celebration brings longtime friends, Maya and Maritza, played by Freida Pinto and Maritza Veer, to Rajasthan, India. Maritza brings along an unexpected travel companion, her brother, who immediately takes interest in Maya. It doesn’t take long before she lets her shyness fall away and the two take off together for adventures in the city. Love finally blossoms amidst the Holi Festival where they find their true colors unveiled.


Short film by Matthew Frost starring Kirsten Dunst. The film highlights a sad aspect of social media. People get caught up, living inside a virtual world, instead of living the real thing happening outside of their devices. We experience awesome and breathtaking moments and instead of being truly present in the moment and enjoying it, we worry about taking a picture so we can gather likes form other people in on Facebook. As if the moment itself wasn’t enough, we need approval from other people. I think at the root of this we want other people to be envious of us, we bragg about how awesome and cool our life is, like we’re saying “Hey look at me and the things I do. Look at the life i’m living”. But are you really living this life you portray or is it just a fictional construct. We all tend to aggrandize our virtual lives. If you only looked at social media, you would think that everyone is living their life to the fullest, everyone’s life is a party and everyone is always happy. But what do i know, maybe they are, maybe they enjoy the likes more than living the moment, I don’t know. Just some thoughts i had after watching this clip. Next time your experiencing an awesome and cool moment, don’t worry about capturing it to show others, that’s not what its about. Life is about what Terance Mackena called the felt presence of direct experience. So just be present, be fully involved, and truly live the moment.

All you need is LOVE

Blank on Blank is a production by PBS  which animates famous interviews with people. In this video, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were interviewed by Howard Smith to discuss love, in an interview titled “It’s all true, folks: all you need is love.” in 1969.

What’s your secret?

It’s called love, and there’s nothing that splits that up. I mean you got to work on it. Like it is a precious gift and it’s a plant and you’ve got to look after it and water it. You can’t just sit on your backside and think oh well, we’re in love, so that’s alright. But that’s the secret. It’s all true folks. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

On Living

Poem by Nazam Hitzek read by Pulitzer price winning Journalist Chris Hedges

“Life is pretty bleak at the top too. All of the baubles of the rich they’re kind of this phony compensation for the loss of what is really important. The loss of community, the loss of connection, the lost of intimacy, the loss of meaning. Everybody wants to live a life of meaning….

..It’s really hard to create community if the underlying knowledge is we don’t need each other. So people kind of get together, and they fraternize, or maybe they consume together. But joint consumption doesn’t create intimacy–only joint creativity and gifts create intimacy and connection. You have just gifts that are important…

…We all have a necessary and important gift to give and for a long time our minds have told us that maybe we’re imagining things, that it’s crazy to live according to what you want to give. But as more and more people wake up to the truth–that we are here to give and wake up to that desire. The more reinforcement we have from people around us that this isn’t crazy–this makes sense. This is how to live, and as we get that reinforcement then our minds and our logic no longer have to fight against the logic of the heart, which wants us to be of service. This shift of consciousness that inspires such things is universal in everybody, %99 and %1, and it’s awakening in different people in different ways….

…Love is the felt experience of connection to another beinglove is the expansion of the self to include the other, and that’s a different kind of revolution. There’s no one to fight; there’s no evil to fight. There’s no other in this revolution. Everybody has a unique calling and it’s really time to listen to that. That’s what the future is going to be. It’s time to get ready for it and contribute and make it happen.”

-Charles Eisenstein, Author and Activist.



Voice of Art is a powerful new documentary series on Pharrell Williams’ i am Other YouTube Channel. The episode focuses on artists-activists using online and offline art and activism to bring about definitive changes to immigration policy and perceptions of immigrants.

The episode features Artist and Activist Favianna Rodriguez, a leading voice in the movement of artists facing down the tide of anti-immigrant hatred, and follows her to the front lines of the immigration battle in Tucson, Arizona and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, where Rodriguez joins undocumented activists, from the historic No Papers No Fear bus ride, risking arrest, beatings and other abuse from authorities.

Alongside rappers, emcees, street artists, painters, poets and performers, Rodriguez launched a historic cultural campaign turning the monarch butterfly into an iconic symbol of the immigrant rights movement and of the beauty and dignity of migrants and their journeys.


Pts 2&3 here: pt2-



-For Her

Love is the Greatest Pain

Some interesting thoughts on love and pain.

“Fall in Love or Die trying”



Think Outisde the Box

Think Outside the Box

Listen to the music that your heart plays. Allow it to inspire you and awaken your sense of freedom. Don’t allow the life inside you to become dull. Live with passion. Don’t encapsulate yourself along with your potential. Don’t trap yourself in a box and don’t allow others to trap you in one either. Remember that you are limitless. Create, Innovate and think outside the borders. You can accomplish anything.  The music lies inside all of our hearts us so let the Music Play, giving rhythm to your life. You are the conductor of the grand symphony of your life. Rock on!

Think Outisde the Box-

Este dicho significa pensar fuera de lo pre establecido, fuera de la norma, de lo acostumbrado, de lo usual. Es fundamental mantener ese espíritu innovador que busca ideas y soluciones diferentes y novedosas. No te encierres dentro de una caja o dejes que otros lo hagan por ti. No encierres tu potencial y no dejes que te limiten. Hay que crear, innovar, pensar por fuera de los bordes, dándole uso a nuestro poder de imaginación. Cualquier cosa se puede lograr, no existen los límites, los marcamos nosotros.

Escucha la música que toca tu corazón. Esa música que despierta tu sensación de libertad y que te inspira. No dejes que la vida que llevas dentro se marchite, apagando tú brillo. Vive con pasión. La música está dentro de todos nuestros corazones solo hay que dejarla salir. Eres el conductor/a de la gran sinfonía de tu vida. Dale ritmo fiera!