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I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

What are you made of? Who are you? What do you really dream of? To know you have to identify within yourself what it is you want out of your life and who it is you want to become.It sounds simple yet it’s not. You have to travel on this path of unfoldment, with courage, with love, looking everywhere for enlightenment, and you must have a steadfast refusal to give up on your dream. It won’t be easy to become your dream but I promise you it will be worth it. it’s worth it when you are rewarded with happiness. Be honest with yourself and dance to the beat of your own drum. Don’t work off the salvation of others, find your own salvation. Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide. In the path of YOUR unfoldment, in YOUR growth as a human being, there can be no progress without sacrifice. You have to truly put in the work and life will re-pay you. Like Waldo Emerson said, 

“though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given tho him to till.” 

You are given your life when you come into this world then you must work to make it. You have to carefully cultivate yourself, with detail and precision and a hell of a lot of hard work in order to become what you want to be. Put your heart into your work and do your best. We should act like plants and allow the light to enter our being and we have to find the nourishment we need to  GROW and BLOOM. 

We all have unsurmountable power within us, gifts waiting to be opened. These power and gifts are unique to every individual, expressing itself in different ways, shapes and forms. Find what your gift is then cherish it like one. With every new human being new gifts and powers come into this world and no one knows what this power can do. It’s up to you to find out what your power is and what it is capable of. Express yourself and don’t be ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents. Heed the call of your soul. Go after your dreams and like Emerson said, “trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.”

Even with awareness, it is still necessary to take action in support of one’s destiny. You can blindly believe in fate and think that things will work themselves out, and sometimes they do, but when it comes to our futures and our dreams I think it’s best to take responsibility for them. Fate and destiny play a role but these things alone don’t decide the course of our lives. We also have some say in the direction, we are all co-creators of our own lives giving it shape and form.

Even if we don’t know it, we are all going somewhere. You can go through life floating, you can let the seas of life carry you every which way with the power of its currents, or you can take hold of your boat and consciously direct your life in the direction you want it to go. At times it will be hard but like the saying goes, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. So Fight against wind, currents and storms. Fight against adversity and surpass any walls that try to stop you. Find out what it is you want and go after it. Like  William Henley said, be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. 

Like always, keep growing, in the light direction,













The Universe is on Your Side. Decide, Commit, Succeed

Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness, concerning all acts of initiation (and creation)… the moment one definitely commits, the Providence comes too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred… Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.


Think hard and decide what it is that you truly really want. Listen to the voice in the depths of your being that whispers your dreams and then go after them. When times get hard don’t give up, keep moving forward, marching on one little step at a time, no one achieved greatness without perseverance. You will struggle and face complications and difficulties but the Universe is on your side and when you least expect it you will receive help. When you become committed to a path, truly committed to the depths of your being, doors appear that were not available before. Work hard and have faith in yourself and you will accomplish anything. 



Re-make America

I want my blog to be motivational and uplifting and I don’t’ want it to become negative Nancy but i feel the need to address the issue of War and i promise Corimagua will be back enlightening and motivating the lives of its readers soon. It’s of grave importance given the troubling times we find ourselves in. I write about it to vent and most importantly to inform others of the horrors of war in the hopes that they too will find it degrading and unacceptable and say no to War anywhere in the world.

 Once again, we are on the brink of war. The U.S wants to deploy its military force on Syria because of their alleged use of chemical weapons. If true, a chemical attack is horrible and certainly should be condemned, but who will condemn the U.S military when they use chemicals in their weapons. It has in the past, and many argue it does so today because of its use of depleted uranium. Depleted Uranium is loaded on the tips of warheads and other munitions because its properties make it perfect to pierce through armor and rip through concrete and metal walls, penetrating deep into buildings. It’s touted as a great upgrade in military weaponry but it’s potential long term negative health effects are ignored. Depleted Uranium is nuclear waste and highly poisonous. DU was used in the attacks on Iraq in 2004 and the rate of birth defects for the city of Fallujah has surpassed those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The rates of miscarriages, childhood leukemia and other types of cancers are much, much higher than in other parts of the world. In an interview with Democracy Now! Al-Jazeera reporter Dahr Jamail said, ” it’s common now in Fallujah for newborns to come out with massive multiple systemic effects, immune problems, massive central nervous system problems, massive heart problems, skeletal disorders, babies being born with two heads, babies being born with half of their internal organs outside of their bodies, cyclops babies literally with one eye–really, really, really horrific nightmarish types of birth defects.” I saw a shocking gallery of Iraqi babies born with birth defects and the images where horrific and heartbreaking and they left me both angry and on the verge of tears. It’s difficult to attribute long term health effects on weapons used years earlier, but anyone with a hint of common sense can see the connection between the use of chemicals like depleted uranium and the increasingly high rate of birth problems in Iraqi babies.

 It might sound surprising to some that the U.S military would use such chemicals in their weapons but it shouldn’t be when one looks at the history of U.S military chemical weapon use.  Remember how the U.S military used agent orange in Vietnam?  I’m up to my neck with hypocrisy. War is a business and it will continue to run as long as people keep making insane profits from the proliferation of war. The U.S cannot keep meddling in the internal problems of other nations. The U.S empire has enemies all over the world and it keeps breeding hate by attacking more and more countries, by having unmanned drones drop bombs from the sky giving millions of innocent people nightmares of fire and explosions raining down on them. Do you think it’s possible that maybe the terrorist who attack America, do it not because they despise our way of life and our so called “freedoms”, but instead has something to do with the hundreds of military bases across the globe? with the constant spread of an Empire? With the oppression of people the world over? 

 If there is one constant in all empires throughout history is that eventually, no matter how mighty, they ALL collapse. But just because the American empire is collapsing doesn’t mean America will end. It means that America will cease to exist as an “empire”, thats all. I for one don’t want the U.S to continue playing the role of evil emperor anymore, it’s counterproductive and it’s consuming itself. Imagine all the military bases around the world shut down, all the military campaigns finished. How much hate would be directed towards us? How many terrorist will be breed then? How great could America be if it focus all its resources on it’s many internal conflicts. If it focused its resources on crossing the bridge from crisis to sustainability facing the seriousness of looming environmental threats. America can transform its role in the world. It can re-new itself, re-creating its infrastructure,  its health system, its educational system and all the other crumbling systems in its great land. Another America, another WORLD is truly possible. Let’s fight for it and say no to WAR. 







What a crazy upside down world we live in where peace is used to rationalize war and people make a profit from misery and destruction. The wheels of the machine have to keep moving. Perpetual war is exactly what they want because war is a very profitable business. The people who make money from this business will ignore all the suffering and sacrifice human lives for profit, they will use any means available to rationalize the irrational. They use words like democracy,freedom, god and peace which have absolutely nothing to do with war, to justify it. It’s a bunch of bullshit and it angers me. People often forget that the essence of War is death. War turns us into animals and it plunges us into barbarity and perversion. It causes pain, destruction, suffering, violence and death. The continual use of military force, dropping bombs and shooting at people will breed more and more hate. The indiscriminate violence on one side is used to justify the indiscriminate violence of the other. You get caught in a vicious cycle of violence where the atrocities committed by one, real or imagined, make possible the atrocities of the other. If the only tool you have to solve problems is a hammer, everything becomes a nail.

 Like always it is the innocent people throughout the world who suffer while the soulless political, industrial and military leaders sit safely in their board rooms and offices far away from any of the consequences of war. We can’t forget that it’s human beings who are on the receiving end of our bombs and bullets,  Human beings just like me and you, who love, grieve, suffer, laugh and weep.  Perpetual war is creating a world without empathy. We can’t allow madness to continue, no matter who you are or where you are from, we have to stand up and say enough. We can’t allow incomprehensible, destructive, irrational, and demented forms of humanity to thrive, we can’t allow the world to be distorted by hate. It’s becoming increasingly difficult at times but I still hold on to my fundamental belief in the goodness of human nature. We have to remain rational and compassionate and be true to the human in us and remember that we all have a stake in this, we are all helping to shape our world and its realities.  Let’s be human beings and remember that we are all on the same team, team HUMAN, made up of people from America, Syria, Iraq, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Uruguay and all the other places on this wonderful and mysterious planet we call home. 

“War is a poison. It is a poison that nations and groups must at times ingest to ensure their survival. But, like any poison, it can kill you just as surely as the disease it is meant to eradicate. The poison of war courses unchecked through the body politic of the United States. We believe that because we have the capacity to wage war we have the right to wage war. We embrace the dangerous self-delusion that we are on a providential mission to save the rest of the world from itself, to implant our virtues–which we see as superior to all other virtues–on others, and that we have a right to do this by force. This belief has corrupted Republicans and Democrats alike. And if Barack Obama drinks, as it appears he will, the dark elixir of war and imperial power offered to him by the national security state, he will accelerate the downward spiral of the American empire.”  

-Chris Hedges, America’s Wars of Self-Destruction, November 17,2008.





Human beings have survived on planet earth because we posses certain traits which secured a place for us in the evolutionary struggle of life. We don’t have exceptional speed, strength, or agility so how is it that we became the dominant species ? We are incredibly slow in comparison to other species, running away from predators is unlikely since we don’t posses exceptional speed. At college, two of my friends and I tried catching a squirrel once and I quickly realized that human beings are not very agile in comparison to other animals. Even though some of us like to think we are strong because we lift weights and go to the gym. We are scrawny and weak in comparison to our closest genetic relatives; the chimpanzees, whose DNA is 98% identical to ours. We can’t hear as well as a bat, smell as well as a dog or see as well as an eagle. Regardless of all these weak points, not only have we survived on the planet, we have flourished and thrived and rose to dominance in an incredibly short time on the evolutionary scale. How did we do this? what is in that 2% of genetic material that makes us so different from chimpanzees? The key to our success is the possession of the most complex structure on earth. Weighing in a mere 1.5 kilograms and occupying the space of two fists, the one, the only: The Human Brain

The human brain is a big part of what makes us human and it’s sad to think that most people don’t use it, they run on autopilot almost never resorting to the true power of thought. The power of the human brain is unmatched by any supercomputer. The human brain might be the most important thing ever created, we cannot let it go to waste. Maybe whoever designed all this realized how precious life was and entitled us humans, to look after it. With our brains we could observe, understand and protect life. There is an age old saying that says that with great power comes great responsibility. Humanity, as a whole is far from being responsible and our species needs to grow up and we need to do it fast. 

Exiting and challenging times lie ahead. The great river of change is upon us, its waves are crashing evermore violently against our shores. We cannot set up barriers to stop it, we cannot build dams to try to control it. We must let it flow through us, wholly and completely and embrace this change. Modern industrial civilization has only been around for 200 years, thats it. 200 years is nothing, it is a tiny little blimp on the evolutionary scale yet most think life has been like this forever and that nothing can ever change. Don’t be fooled, this is just a short little experiment humanity has been on, and in many ways it is failing. We must change and adapt our course or we too will become part of the the millions of species who have gone extinct. We will become just another failed evolutionary attempt. Life will re-group and start over, and all our power, all our magnificence, all our potential will be……… forgotten. 

We need to grow up, become responsible, and utilize this great power bestowed upon us. We are the protectors and nourishers of life, the single greatest miracle in the universe. Wrap that through your mind, internalize it and accept it. We are on the brink of extinction and we still want “business as usual”. We want everything to continue just as it is, steadfastly refusing to allow change to flow through us. How is it that the protectors became the abusers? Where did we go wrong? We might never now, but what i do know is that we can change. We can assume our responsibilities and build a new and better world for our children and grandchildren. We can start building today the world of tomorrow where life and love are abundant, a world that acknowledges our interconnectedness and as such, values collaboration and cooperation, compassion, wisdom, and above all love.  Let’s be human beings and like always keep growing in the light direction.


Self Mastery

In order to truly have power and control over our lives, we have to bring the mind and the heart together. It’s very hard to try and understand the matters of the heart and even harder still to apply reason to emotions;nonetheless, it is crucial to try to figure out why we do what we do and feel what we feel. But we can’t be all reason and no emotion and we can’t be all emotion and no reason. Like in most things in life balance is key. You can’t allow your emotions to control you and at the same time you can’t try to control all your emotions. You can have the best and smartest brain in the world but it is useless if you don’t have heart. Likewise, you can have the biggest and kindest heart in the world but it can go to waste if you don’t know where and how to apply it. We have to find the right balance between the two. A Ladakhi Monk from Kashmir, in the Indian-Tibetan border once said “Just like the two wings of a bird must be balanced for it to fly, so one cannot attain enlightenment unless wisdom is accompanied by compassion.” It is those that can control and bring together their hearts and minds that will have true power. 

Self Matery

A Twist on Advertising

You’re out in the streets, in a hurry to get to wherever it is you need to be. As you walk you glance at the dozens of signs, posters, and advertisements without paying them too much attention. All of a sudden you  see a sign that makes you stop:



This is the work of Robert Montgomery. He is an artist born in Scotland in 1972, who takes over advertising space and provides the public with interesting, shocking, and sometimes melancholic phrases. Regardless of what you think of his artwork, it’s pretty awesome to see public spaces filled with interesting things instead of the usual Coca-Cola posters, the models, and the golden arches of McDonald’s. Corporate culture infiltrates our minds everywhere with its images, making us feel inadequate, telling women they are not pretty enough and making it seem like all the fun is happening somewhere else. They generate a void, an emptiness, then tell us that to fill it we need to consume their products. They want us all to believe that HAPPINESS=CONSUMPTION. I would much rather see emotionally charged artwork that sparks interest and makes us stop and think instead of all the other bullshit.

The digital publication Dazed and Digital interviewed Robert Montgomery and asked him: What do you hope to engender in the member of the public who happens upon your statements?

Rob Montgomery: Just recognition hopefully – I’m trying to write about our collective unconscious in public space. Let’s say I’m trying to write about what it feels like on the inside to live in “Late-Capitalism” as Theodore Adorno and Frederic Jameson would call it. What it feels like to live in our cities, what it feels like to live with our privilege of wealth and our poverty of time, our privilege of material goods and our poverty of reflection, our anxiety as the systems of economy and ecology we rely on falter, revealing economic injustice and a future that’s more fragile than we thought.

Here are some examples of his work:



















“We need to share some values such as a commitment to fundamental human rights and basic rules of interaction, but we can be wildly different in other areas such as lifestyles, spirituality, musical tastes, and community life.”


-Jack Weatherford

Savages and Civilization–Who will Survive?

When I read this phrase aloud it sounds so simple, yet when I look around me it seems hard to actually implement what it tells us in our world. We have to guarantee the essentials for everyone. I have enough faith in the human spirit to think that if we provide the basics for everyone the wold would become a much better place. The basics to me are food, water, shelter, clothing, education, sanitation, health care. We have the technological capacity, the technical know-how and most importantly the resources to guarantee access to the basics for every man, woman, and child in the planet, RIGHT NOW. If we can mobilize millions of people, tanks, planes, flight carriers, weapons and supplies for War, then we can surely provide basics for our entire human population. Get some logistic experts to work this shit out. I wonder how many resources are wasted because of bad allocation? We have to build a system that is efficient and makes logistical sense. The system which we currently run on is inefficient, insane in many ways and deadly in others. “Business as usual”, current resource extraction and consumption levels will destroy us unless we change, we cannot continue with “business as usual”. We need new, radical ideas that will change our course and re-develop our human societies and make them better. We need to listen to radical innovative ideas like those form Jacque Fresco. He is an American architectural designer, concept artist, educator, and futurist among other things. He is an outspoken supporter of a resource based economy; a holistic socio-economic system based in the premise that the earth is abundant with plentiful resource and our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant an counter productive to our survival.  Peter Joseph, the creator of the Zeitgeist documentaries explains this idea well in his films. Jacque Fresco doesn’t have all the answers, but he is providing alternatives and A LOT of what he says makes great sense. I think that we can solve our problems and change but we need to try alternatives.

We need to have faith in humanity. We are the same people who for thousands of years looked up into the sky and marveled at the moon and one day landed on it. How crazy is it that we made it to the moon? Humans used to look up at this giant floating mass of rocks, levitated in the skies by forces way beyond our understanding and were left in complete awe. Back then, the thought that we would one day send humans into space and land on the moon would never cross most people’s minds. Imagine if you went back 300 hundred years encountered a group of people and told them we would one day make it to the moon. Everyone would laugh at you, accuse you of being crazy and tell you to leave. Imagine the encounter: 

“Hey guys listen up, i know this might sound a little bit crazy right now but look up. See that big rock floating up there? 

“yeah, the moon, what about it?” they answered

“Well, we’re going to fly up to it one day and mark our footprints on it.” 

They stood in silence and looked at each other……… “what a lunatic!”one of them says. And they all burst out laughing hysterically. 

They would sincerely think that you are a nutcase. But what is even more insane is the fact that we actually made it to the moon. Stop and think about that for a second. We figured out we could put people inside this metal container and propel them out into outer space, land on the moon, walk around and gather samples and other sorts of scientific mumbo jumbo and then bring them back to earth in one piece. That my friend, is insane. 

A point i’m trying to make is that radical ideas always seem crazy to many but it is these radical ideas that move our species forward. Humanity needs radical ideas to keep progressing. We are desperately in need of change. We cannot be afraid of change, we have to accept it, embrace it, and move with it. If we can figure out how to land on the moon we can surely provide the basic necessities for everyone.

Another issue the quote talks about which also sounds very simple yet it is hard to activate are basic rules of interaction and egagement. We have to respect each other and our decisions, If someone says no to something then it means no. No one should have to do something they do not want to do. Nothing should be forced on people, all actions should be voluntary. If we make respect an underlalying foundation in our interactions then we create an environment conducive to understanding and cooperation where conflict can be resolved or minimized. All these things might sound obvious and they are, we all know them, but how many of us truly implement them in our lives?

We have to agree to never resort to violence and avoid it at all costs. Anger and Violence are destructive forces which highlight very dark and horrific aspects of humanity. We have to fight these dark, animalistic urges and behave like concious human beings.Violence doesn’t solve anything, violence begets more violence. Like the phrase says, “An eye for an eye will leave everybody blind”. Let a spirit of peace guide our actions and our thoughts and remember that we are endowed with a conscience, the use of logic and reason, and the natural capacity for love. Let’s use these tools to our advantage and make the world a kinder place. Regardless of your religion, we should all adopt the golden rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. This one rule alone can have drastic changes if everyone adopted it. 

All humans, regardless of sex, gender, color, religion, nationality, size, social status or any other sort of distinction we apply to ourselves, we all should agree on these two simple terms: 1-Necessities provided to everyone. 2-basic rules of interaction. 

While we have to be alike in this sense, like the quote states, we can be “wildly different in other areas”. You should pursue the lifestyle you want as long as it doesn’t cause harm to anyone or prevent others from pursuing their own. If you want to better your life then you should be allowed to, likewise, if you chose to lead your life in destructive ways, it’s on you. There are external forces which influence our lives but it is up to you how to react to them. You can let the negative forces in the world defeat you. You can give in to the forces of evil and become corrupt, or violent, or malicious, or negative. But you can also let the forces of good influence you and be honorable, kind, positive. Don’t let negative experiences consume the good inside of you. You can chose how you want to be. You have a sound mind and an incredible spirit. Don’t allow anyone to take that from you.

  I want to live in a world where all children come into this world on an even footing. Where every child is provided with health, education, and love. We should all join hands, as productive members of the planet, and strive for this. Someday we will make this dream a reality but for now we have to deal with the situation that’s at hand. We can’t allow ourselves to be discouraged by the situations we are thrown into. Where you are born and what position you are born into in this life is a roll of the dice. You could get a bad roll and be born into a shitty environment, life is unfair sometimes, but just because your surrounded by shit doesn’t mean you have to become shit also. it doesn’t mean that you can’t thrive and it doesn’t mean you can’t persevere. Just because life handed you a shitty hand doesn’t mean you should stop playing the game because if you don’t play you lose by default. Some people play an easier game, others get extremely difficult ones but we all have to play because therein lies the point in all this: to play the game. Don’t watch others play the game, don’t play the game through others. Play your game. 

The human spirit has an extraordinary capacity for resilience. Human history is marked by countless ennobling acts of courage and love. It is marked by people who were extremely resilient and persevered through the most difficult and trying circumstances. Let history inspire you and also let it bring  you the realization that just like people in the past, you are also strong, brave, kind and resilient. 

You also carry the flame of the human spirit within you. Once you recognize this flame it is your duty to keep the flame alive, don’t let the fire inside you go out.. How do you make the fire grow? With challenge, with struggle, with sacrifice, with resilience, with perseverance. You make it grow by being patient, empathetic and forgiving. You make it grow with every act of kindness and love. You make it grow by being happy, allowing fun and humor to be your life long companions. If you let the human spirit burn brightly inside you it will shine and illuminate others and if your fire burns bright enough, sparks will shoot out which will ignite a fire within others. This way we keep the human spirit alive, now and forever. Keep growing, in the light direction.


The Zombie Apocalypse and My Generation



Consumerist Culture is destroying our planet but we drone on, mindlessly consuming at an ever increasing rate. The consumer bug has bit us, spreading its poison throughout, sickening our minds and our societies. We are the Zombie apocalypse and we don’t want face that harsh reality. We need to wake up from this madness, Don’t be a zombie. Some of us are slowly waking up, and as we do we have to work to wake up others out of their slumber. We need to face the realities of our world head on if we want to change them, and to do this we need to be fully awake.

Many people have no faith in our generation. They call us slackers, they call us stupid. They say we are the Zombie apocalypse. Our generation grew up submerged in consumerism. The television was a welcomed intruder in our homes. We were brainwashed by advertisement and the “main stream” culture since the day we came out of the womb. We grew  thinking this is just how life was. We have grown up but we are still treated like children, kept happy with new toys and offered cheap thrills.. The perfect slaves to the machine, rejoicing in our captivity.  And as content slaves we would praise our captors, we would lock ourselves in the cages of our own making. work these monotonous jobs, jobs we hate, in order to buy useless shit we don’t need and spend our weekends intoxicated to forget about our weeks. They had us looking for happiness in all the wrong places. A void was created within us and we were told to fill our emptiness with material things and our pain was numbed by the effects of drugs and alcohol. But we are not Zombies, we are not machines, we are not all asleep. Some within my generation are fully awake beings whose spirit burns ferociously and graciously, shining its light everywhere. We Are Gonna Change The World. More and more of us are waking up and seeing the bars to our cages and realizing that we built our own prisons and we hold ourselves captive. But we hold the keys to open the doors to our cages and we refuse to be treated like puppets. When speaking of the human condition Ogrin, Quinn, and Sy from the signs of times, argue that “The task of the puppet masters is made all the more easy by providing the populace with a means by which they can enslave their own minds, and perhaps even their souls. The greatest tyranny is not the one forced onto a people, but rather one that the people implement and enforce themselves due to their illusions and addictions…. In essence, we each impose our own internal network of interrelated addictions that keeps us enslaved and blind to the reality around us. It can be quite a vicious circle, indeed. Somehow, we must find a way out.”

There are powerful forces who want to control us, who want us all to be the same, who want us to be quiet, to be passive, to be permissive. They see us as insignificant little people and they speak to us and say, “You worry about your little life, occupy yourself with the little things and let us run the big things, it’s way too complex for you little people to understand, we know what we’re doing. Everything will be okay. Please don’t rattle the cage, you bother the other animals”.  But everything is not going to be okay, not unless we do something about it. Those who rattle the cage are labeled as misfits and rebels without a cause. They are the lost ones, looked at as strange, weird and made to feel like they don’t fit in. But not all those who wonder are lost. The incentives to stay “in line”, to stay quiet and tranquil, are many. Especially for those of us in the first, second, and third world, who are well off.  We are promised comfort, security, and cheap thrills. But to some these things won’t suffice. Some sense that there is something wrong with our world, something that cannot and will not be ignored, something that needs to be changed. They say every man has a price tag but i like to believe that some people refuse to put a price on the value of their souls. It’s the people who ignore these empty benefits and want to be “different” who will fight against those who want us to be the same and actively create the work they want to live in.

Some of us simply do not care about having the newest piece of technology, we don’t care about  3-D television, google glasses, I-glasses, or the new i-phone nineteen. We understand that some new pieces of technology can be great tools and have amazing uses, but they are never a means to happiness. We understand that they are dead inanimate objects and we don’t look to build relationships with these material things. Instead we are looking for real, honest, meaningful relationships with people, with nature, and with ourselves. Some manage to break free from a superficial lifestyle and form their own realities, walk their own paths, and chase those things which truly matter to them. It is they, the dream seekers, who are showing the world that our generation has a lot more to offer, showing that we can be the living and breathing personification of change. But we can’t depend on them to lead us, the world needs all of us to come to our own enlightenment and awaking. We need a lot more of awake people if we want to make meaningful and fundamental structural changes to the world we live in. We all have to become the leaders of our lives. We have to find our inner qualities, develop our hidden talents and struggle to build ourselves up. We each need to blossom in our own ways. It’s not enough to simply have dreams, we all have to be active dream seekers. To become  a dream seeker you have to actively seek your dreams. You have to become your dream, live it, and breathe it. Soak it in and let it become a part of you. Image it, define it, design it, build a picture in your head of what it is you truly and deeply want to get out of this life and then start to move yourself towards that image.  Fly towards your dream. If you can’t fly then run towards it. If you can’t run then walk. If you stumble and fall then crawl if you have to. Do it any way you can, but always keep moving forward. Make sure you are slowly inching your way towards what it is that you want, day in and day out. With patience and perseverance we can accomplish anything. Like always, keep growing in the light direction and make your light shine onto others so they to can wake up and grow.




Wake the fuck up

give em hell


Solidarity with Brazil

“why such a big deal for a 10 or 20 cent hike in the bus ticket?” I kept hearing people saying words similar to these when talking about the current protests in Brazil but of course there is more than meets the eye. The protests are about much more than this, the hike in the bus fare was just the straw that broke the camels back. Just like the actions at Gezi park in Turkey, It was the move at the hands of the state that made an already fed up population take to the streets. The people were already fed up with the crumbling state of their educational system that lacks resources and pays its teachers meager wages. They were fed up with a crumbling health system that lacks the tools available to give proper care to its people. They were fed up with crime and corruption not only in the streets but in the political system. Fed up with the close alignment between government and Wealth/private interests and angry at the empty promises coming from politicians. 

 Many Brazilians are angry because while the country is projected to spend an astronomical amount of money, something around 30 billion dollars, to host the World Cup and Olympics, it’s schools, it’s hospitals and the lives of it’s people see no improvement. How can they not be upset and angry when billions are spent on building sports stadiums and arenas while there are children to educate, sick to heal and mouths to feed? The World cup and the Olympics might be great events that celebrate sport and bring together nations from across our globe, but will it help the Brazilian people? Most of the profits from the world cup will go to FIFA while most of the profits for the olympics will go to IOC ( International Olympics Committee). These events will not turn a profit for the Brazilian people but a large portion of the money needed to make these events happen comes from taxpayers money, this is definitely a cause for concern. There are more issues than the ones i stated above but most people aren’t informed about any of these and they think it’s crazy that a raise of 20 cent in the bus fare can cause such a commotion. They see the tip of the iceberg and think it’s a minuscule problem while a vast mass of issues floats hidden underneath. 

 I haven’t watched a lot of news coverage on this issue but from what i’ve seen it seems like the typical media response. They label the protesters as nothing more than criminals, violent thugs and agitators, who do nothing but promote violence and chaos and destroy public and private property. Most of us understand that the media foment lies, fear, and straight up bullshit. They serve private interests and do not inform the people. I hope you don’t blindly believe what they say. Do your own research on the subject and come to your own conclusions. 

 The response by the state has also been typical. Just like in Turkey and almost all other recent protest movements the state responds with full on force. They look to eliminate the protesters swiftly and efficiently and do so by employing violence. They don’t want to listen to the demands of a suffering population and attempt to solve the problems, their solution comes in the form of rubber bullets, tear gas, and batons. Regardless of how much power the state thinks it has, it is the people who hold the real power. We must come together peacefully, assemble, and march non-violently and let our voices and our cries for justice be heard. I stand in solidarity with the people of Brazil and all those who are taking to the streets against opression. We should all be angry at this because our grievances are all connected and they occur in one shape or another in our own nations as well, their problems mirror our problems in some sense.  Power concedes nothing without a demand so we must shout, scream, and yell, until those in power hear our cries. Our world is in heaps of trouble and we have to make the deep, fundamental structural changes it needs before shit hits the fan. Let’s make our world a better place for us all. 

In my last post is a video of some of the footage from the protest. Watching it you would think that the police is at war with its own people.