Hello Virtual Friends! My first Blog post

by juani913

So here i am. After months of wanting to get this blog off the ground i finally found the motivation to do so. It wasn’t just motivation that stopped me from starting my blog, it was also the little nagging devil on my shoulder who always told me that my writing wasn’t good enough, that i was no writer. I was afraid of being horrible at it, of failing not only my future readers but most importantly myself. This fear of failure has been a constant impediment, not only in writing, but in most other areas of my life as well. But i’ve finally realized that by not attempting things you fail by default. It’s better to attempt and fail than to do nothing because your failures teach you and help you grow, while stagnation stunts your growth and takes you nowhere. So i’ve stopped listening to the little devil on my shoulder, and while my anxieties and fears remain, i’m facing them straight on, one blog post at a time. 

A few of you are probably wondering where the name corimagua came from. Corimagua is a word used by the Waura Indians, an indigenous tribe that resides in the upper Xingu region of the Amazon forest, Brazil. It means “i am your friend”. I chose this word because i want my blog to be a friend to all. My blog is opened to be read and shared  by anyone who finds any   interest or use in it. I also chose it to pay homage to Indigenous people the world over, who have been devastated and persecuted for hundreds of years and whose knowledge and wisdom has been overlooked and ignored. Their knowledge show us a positive worldview of wholeness. Their wisdom is built on awareness of the natural world, and awareness of the basic human needs modern life often ignores. 

I discovered my passion for writing some years back but i’ve learned that it’s how i communicate best. This blog will help me develop this skill of communication. It’s going to help me express myself and to learn more about who i am, and where i belong. I’ve been quiet for too long and i need to express myself in order to keep growing, not only as a writer but as a person. Even if not a single person reads my blog, it will help me grow and that’s all that matters. The only way to become a great writer is to write, to produce a great volume of work and this blog will aid me in doing so.

In this Blog i will write about all sorts of things which interest me. Social issues, health and exercise, current events, my travels and adventures, my hopes and dreams, my fears. No matter what i chose to write about, my main purpose is to help others in their growth and development. I will use my blog to help spread awareness and valuable knowledge in order to help people better their lives and in turn help, even if in a small part, to make the world a better place. Chaos, devastation, destruction, crisis and all the negative aspects that seem to be overwhelming our world can’t overshadow the fact that this is life is beautiful. We are all a miracle by the simple act of being and we are truly blessed to be a part of this crazy, messy, beautiful experience we call life. Stay tuned for more blog posts and let’s help each other grow, grow in the light direction. Image