Boston Bomgings

by juani913

What happened in Boston was a horrible and inhumane act of violence. It marks a sad day for every conscientious human being. The reports and gruesome images of those affected were shown by every news program on television. The media Staying true to its motto, ” if it bleeds it leads”, filled the airwaves with reports from the horrific events in the United States. Another horrible event which occurred that same day but didn’t get much coverage were the 55 innocent civilians that died due to a car bomb explosion in Baghdad, Iraq. Also, just last week in Afghanistan a US airstrike killed 11 children and several woman. This bombing is only one of the many that are killing civilians every week, are their lives not as important? Judging by the media coverage, it’s not hard to conclude that western lives are valued much more highly than those in Afghanistan, Iraq, or the Middle East. When an explosion erupts taking the limbs and lives of innocent people it’s a tragedy, no matter in what part of the globe it occurs. We have to empathize with all those who were caught in the middle of their everyday lives, buying food at a market, celebrating a wedding, sleeping in their beds, or running in a marathon, when their lives were stripped from them by acts of savagery. Every life matters, a life lost is a life lost, no matter what color, race, nationality or religion.  If you think what happened in Boston was yet another senseless act of terrorism, then you should also condemn all the terrorist acts being committed across the globe, including those perpetrated by our own military. No more killing, no more devastation, no more suffering. We need more HUMANITY. I send out love to all those affected by monstrous, cowardly acts of injustice in any part of the world.