Who’s streets? Consumerism and the I-phone Mania

by juani913

Hello conscious and rational human beings out there. Can anyone else see the madness in this?? 

People spending days and weeks camped out to purchase a new i-phone is insane. I would be upset if it was any other company, this has nothing to do with apple, I have friends who work at Apple and even have a mac computer at home but this video highlights a lot of things which are wrong in our societies. To me, it is sad and irrational that it is perfectly okay to camp out for weeks on the streets waiting for a new i-phone but if you want to camp out in the streets to send out messages of defiance, messages against consumerist culture, messages of care for the natural environment, messages of revolution, message of change, messages of love, then you are removed with force or with the threat of force, you are beaten away from the streets or sent to prison. It is critical for a healthy democracy to have open public spaces for people to gather in. Like Evelyn Beatrice Hall said in her biography of Voltaire, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. You can disagree with the Occupy movement but one thing is for sure: they understood the truth about the streets. The truth is that the streets don’t belong to any authority, they don’t belong to corporations, they don’t belong to anyone in particular, the streets belong to the public, the streets belong to the people. The people involved in the Occupy movement understood and exercised their rights to freedom of speech. They occupied public spaces to speak their truths and share and discuss things which truly mattered to them. But in this crazy world we live in, it is sometimes “illegal” to stand up for what is right. Like Voltaire wisely said, “It is dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong”