Techno Junkies

by juani913

Very Interesting Zen Pencil Comic about the addictive properties of technology. I found it to be sadly sort of true. Social Media turned us all into reality tv stars. Everything we do, our entire lives are showcased for the virtual world to see. We measure success and popularity with likes and page hits, but what does it all mean? What sort of effects is this having in our lives? In our brains? I don’t know, time will tell if this is a good or bad thing. But what I do know is that we have to be careful with technology as it permeates deeper into our lives. Is it good to be under the spotlight at all times, always exposed? Where do we draw the line? Internet addiction is becoming an increasing problem in many parts of the world so be aware and use it but don’t abuse it. While we all like to connect and share with others in this virtual realm we can’t forget that life, the real thing, is not in these little computer screens and machines but out there. We need to step away from the screens and go out into the world, experience, and do the things we love. It’s crucial that we push the electronic bullshit aside, give it a break, and take a breath.  One last thing, don’t do things for likes, it seems sort of shallow. We don’t need other people to tell us that what we are doing is cool. The important thing is that we like it, the rest doesn’t matter.