We all work, we all struggle

by juani913

We all work, we all struggle,
we all bend our backs backward trying not to burst the bubble.
We all pray, we all hustle,
throwing set after set try’n to rep with some muscle.
We all trip, we all stumble,
we all have to rebuild from the ashes and ruble.
So be brave, yet be humble,
and keep sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.

If every two steps forward, you take one step back,
your still one step further, then where you where at.
See progress is a process of inches not miles,
so quickly cut your losses and remember to smile.
Believe me, I never said it’d be easy,
but every might oak started out as a seedling.
Searching for nourishment purpose and meaning,
breaking out of boxes accepting no ceiling.
See the worlds on your back,
and you don’t feel like atlas,
but perfection takes time,
remember to practice.
Crawl, before you walk, walk before you run,
strengthen your wings if setting course for the sun.
See you’ll have to be patient,
learn not to jump the gun.
Learn the life that you’ve lived,
and the life that’s to come.