@ Be Wise 26

by juani913

“Don’t allow the day to end without having grown a bit, without being happy, without feeding your dreams. Don’t be defeated by discouragement. Don’t allow anyone to take away your right to express yourself, which is almost a duty. Don’t abandon the desire to make something extraordinary of your life. Don’t stop believing that words and poetry can change the world. No matter what happens, our essence is intact. We are beings filled with passion. Life is both desert and Oasis. It knocks us down, it hurts us, it teaches us, it turns us into the protagonists of our own stories. Even if the winds blow against us, the powerful masterpiece continues: You can add a stanza. Never stop dreaming, because only with Dreams can we become free.”

Tus suenos-Walt Whitman

“I am who I am and you are who you are…. let’s build a world where I can live without having to stop being me. Where you can live without having to stop being you and where neither you nor me forces the other to be like him/her!”

un mundo mejor

“La compasion duele. Cuando te sientes conectado a todo, tambien te sientes responsable por todo. Y no puedes mirar hacia otro lado. Tu destino esta ligado a los destinos de otros. Tienes que aprender a cargar al Universo o ser aplastado por el. Tienes que fortalecerte lo suficiente para amar al mundo, y aun mantenerse lo suficiente vacío como para sentarte en la misma mesa con sus peores horrores.”Walk with the Universe-Andrew Boyd

“Lo unico que se encuentra entre una persona y lo que el/ella quiere de su vida es en muchas ocasiones nada mas que la  voluntad para intentarlo y la fe para creer que es posible.”Want and belief

“Aunque estes en el camino correcto, te pasaran por arriba si solo te quedas parado “