@Motivation 1

by juani913

In my first picture gallery I focused on @Wisdom. For the second gallery I’ve decided to focus on motivation. Motivation, or “concentrated power of will”, as rapper M.Shinoda put it, is the primordial force behind success. We can accomplish nothing in this life, unless we create the motivation necessary to do so. We need motivation in order to create, to grow, to inspire. I hope this picture gallery  is a little help in the difficult task of finding and maintaining the motivation we need to achieve success in our lives, in whatever shape,size or form “success” comes to you. Like always keep growing, in the light direction.


adjust your sails

“El pesimista se queja por el viento. El optimista espera que vaya a cambiar. El realista ajusta las velas.”


End of your rope …. tie a knot

This quote has mostly been attributed to ex US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“Cuando llegues al final de tu cuerda, haz un nudo y aguanta.”


Find Poison then eject it

“Toma valentía reconocer donde en tu vida eres tu propio veneno….. toma coraje hacer algo al respeto.”