I feel Home

by juani913

There are few things pure in this world anymore and home is one of the few

You have a drink baby running high saw a couple men of blue

To me so damn easy to see that the people are the people at home

Well I been away and I’m back today there ain’t a place I’d rather go


I feel home when I see the faces that remember my home

I feel home when I’m chilling outside with the people I know

I feel home and that’s just what I feel

Home to me is reality and all I need is something real 


Feeling alright and not tonight maybe off to a dark drive

I said I’ll soak your board someone looking for more but we all just decide to stay

We got nothing to do and when I look at you I see someone that I knew and loved

And with the crack of your smile we always stay a while

I know from home there ain’t nothing above

Well in the end we can all call our friends that’s something that I pray is true

In a thousand years and a thousand tears I will find my original crew

Cause to me there’s nowhere else I’d rather be except right here right at home

And on those long dark drives on that road at night in my heart I feel home


I feel home I feel my home I feel my home I love my home

It’s been so long finally at home

We know you’re gone but in their hearts you will always always live on

And all your friends they live in your smile

There is no end

You will always live on no matter my age

I swear to God tonight I could see you on my stage up at home up at home up at home

I feel my home I love my home I miss my home oh eighty nine when we’re driving home

I feel my home and all those nights when I’m laying all alone I feel my home

In my heart I’m always at home and in my soul I feel my home