Spirit Bird

by juani913

Soldier on, soldier on my good country man.

Keep fighting for your culture, now keep fighting for your land.

I know its been thousands of years and I feel your hurt and I know its wrong and you feel you’ve been chained and broken and burned.

And those beautiful old people, those wise old souls, have been ground down for far too long.

By that spineless man, that greedy man, that heartless man, deceiving man, government hand taking blood and land, taking blood and land.

Still they can, but your dreaming and your warrior spirit lives on.

It is so so so strong, in the earth in the trees, in the rocks, in the water, in your blood and in the air we breathe.

Soldier on soldier on my good country man. Keep fighting for your children now keep fighting for your land.

Youtube video of the song “Spirit Bird” by Australian singer and songwriter Xavier Rudd. In this song, like in many of his other ones, he explores the socially conscious themes of spirituality, humanity, environmentalism and the rights of aboriginal communities, who continue to be persecuted after hundreds of years. Their people are wounded but the aboriginal spirit is stronger by the day. It lives inside a lot of people in industrial civilization who listen to their wisdom. After all, we are working for the same cause and fighting the same struggle, all working to make the world a better place. We are brothers and sisters, and together, we must continue on with the monumental work of preserving the greatest miracle in the universe: life. Put on some headphones and take the 7 minutes to enjoy this wonderful and emotionally charged song. I hope this song speaks to you. Listen to its words and try to understand its meaning. Like Mr. Jalbert, a wonderful teacher I had the pleasure of learning with, used to say, “La Lucha Continua”, “The struggle continues”.


Video de youtube de la canción “Spirit Bird” o “Pájaro del Espíritu” por el canta autor Australiano Xavier Rudd. En esta canción, como en muchas de sus otras, explora temas socialmente conscientes como espiritualidad, humanismo, ambientalismo y los derechos de los pueblos aborígenes. Esta gente sabia nos recuerda que somos hermanos y hermanas y juntos debemos seguir adelante con el monumental trabajo de preservar el milagro mas grande del universo: la vida. Tomate 7 minutos para escuchar esta gran canción, llena de emoción. Escucha sus palabras y espero que su mensaje te hable. Como decía Mr. Jalbert, un profesor con el que tuve el placer de aprender, “La Lucha Continua”.