Love is my Religion

by juani913

Love is the one eternal truth, it’s the source and purpose of it all. It’s the spark of light in the vast darkness of the universe. Our connection to the source is strengthened by loving and by being loved. Become a soldier of love and reap its benefits. Love gives life meaning and depth. Love is strength, it’s shield and armor. Love is religion, it is a way of being. It is the best fuel to run your life and it will help you to surpass your own dreams and expectations. Love marks a trail and we follow its path with open hearts, beings guided by the light, illuminating the darkness surrounding us. Create and nourish the light of love within you, allow it to coarse through your mind, body, and spirit and then share it with others so they to can kindle their own inner flame. Never stop believing in the power of love, let it glow out onto the world with every inhale and exhale you take, and like always, keep growing, in the light direction.

Love is my Religion

All my days I’ve been searching,
To find out what this life is worth
Through the books and bibles of time
I’ve made up my mind
I don’t condemn, I don’t convert,
This is a calling have you heard
Bring all the lovers to the fold,
‘Cause no one is gonna lose their soul
Love is my religion,
Love is my religion,
Love is my religion
Hey you can take it or leave it,
And you don’t have to believe it
I don’t want to fight,
Hey let’s go fly a kite
There’s nothing that we can’t cure,
And I’ll keep you in my arms for sure
So don’t let nobody stop us,
Free spirits have to soar
With you I share the gift,
The gift that we now know oh oh oh
Love is my religion,
Love is my religion,