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The people I Like


I like the people who are sincere

who shake your hand and look at you in the eyes.

who are amazed and emotional

who smile at life

who love animals

who respect elders

who doesn’t make fun of others

and who always show face, no matter how hard the adversity.

I like the people/ Me gusta la Gente


Con la gente que me gusta
me dan las claras del alba
compartiendo madrugadas,
palabras, risas y lunas.
Con la gente que me gusta
paso las noches en vela
deberían ser eternas 
como la lluvia y la sed.
Me gusta la gente
que cuando saluda
te aprieta la mano
con fuerza y sin dudas.
Me gusta la gente 
que cuando te habla 
te mira a los ojos, 
te mira de frente,
Te dice a la cara 
aquello que siente 
y nada se calla y no tiene dobleces;
me gusta esa gente.
Con la gente que me gusta, 
alrededor de una mesa, 
cualquier vino es un poema, 
cualguier charla la locura.
Con la gente que me gusta
me encanta hablar de proyectos;
de esos que se lleva el viento
y que se olvidan después.
Me gusta la gente
que cuando saluda
te aprieta la mano
con fuerza y sin dudas.
Me gusta la gente
que cuando te habla
te mira a los ojos,
te mira de frente,
Te dice a la cara
aquello que siente
y nada se calla y no tiene dobleces;
me gusta esa gente.


With the people I like

I get the clearness of daybreak

sharing mornings, words, laughter and moons.

With the people I like

I spend sleepless nights

that should be eternal

like the rain and thirst.

I like the people

that when they shake your hand 

they do so firmly and without doubts.

I like the people

that when they talk to you

they look at you in the eyes,


and tells you to your face 

that which they feel.

And nothing has another face or is left unsaid.

Around a table

with the people I like,

any wine is poetry,

any conversation madness.

With the people I like

I love to speak about projects

Those that are taken by the wind

and forgotten later on.

I like those people. 


the Chase for Happiness

Zen Pencil Illustration quoting Henry David Thoreau, an American author, poet, philosopher, polymath, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, historian, and leading transcendentalist. His words remind us that we can’t force happiness, happiness just is. When we frantically chase happiness like mad-men or mad-women it will continually elude us. Happiness is a by-product of living right and always comes when it has to. You can’t chase it, you have to create it. We must busy ourselves doing things we love, and doing it with passion, and happiness will float into our lives like a butterfly. Keep envisioning your happiness, trust yourself, trust your process, and like always keep growing, in the light direction.

Happiness-Henry David Thoreau

On Happiness

Happiness isn’t just a word. It is a World.

When I listen to music, it clears my head of all the worries & troubles this world brings. For those five to six minutes I go to a place where the sun always shines, and they don’t even have the word cloud because they’ve never seen one.

When I’m in love with someone and there is that hint of hope that they too might love me, I go to this place. When i’m having a great time with my friends, cracking each other up, I also visit this wonderful place.

That look in my dogs eyes when i return home whether i’ve been gone for ten minutes or three days, I know by that look that he’s in that spectacular place.

Enjoying food that is good for me also takes me to this other realm.

Happiness isn’t jus a word. It is a World. A world I try to live in as much as possible. I can understand the misconception between world and word, but if more people realize it’s more a world that a word; then this world would be a much better place.

It is and always will be about your perception; not about how other people’s world appears.

-Lisa has Heart

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Will’s reflections on Love


You cannot make a person happy……You can make a person smile, you can make a person feel good, you can make a person laugh, but whether or not a person is happy is deeply, totally, and utterly out of your control….. We fell into this false romantic concept that somehow when we got married we would become “One”, but what we realized is that we were two completely separate people, on two completely separate individual journeys, and that we were choosing to walk our two separate journeys, together. But her happiness was her responsibility, and my happiness was my responsibility…. Find your individual, internal, private, separate joy and then you can present yourself to the relationship and to each other already happy.”

-Will Smith

I Believe in the Good Things Coming

S.O.J.A (Soldiers of the Jah Army), Michael Franti & Nahko

I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe
No matter what you do
I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe
It will all come back to you
Stand up and find your own way
Or sit down and wait for your turn
Follow you vision blindly
Or just become the vision of someone
Remove the shackles right now
You never really fit into ‘em at all
Or keeping running with that metal
On your feet until you fall
Everything that you say
Become the things that you do
Remember what you put out there is building you
Remember everything is everything
I believe, I believe

I kinda been struggling
The fire on my tongue’s been challenging
But even the wise ones be stumbling
So pick your heart up here and walk tall
Bright eyed deliverance
Everything you say’s significant
So speak your truth, be spirited
You’re beautiful and bold, so carry one

Everything is everything, every single day
Remember this in everything you do everything you say
In everything you eat and all the people that you meet
There is life, there is light, that’s reflected back on me.

I believe, I believe

Turn your speakers down
And listen to the silence down below
That’s the messenger
And that’s the only one that really knows
Turn my music down
‘Cause it’s your turn now

Remember all that you say
It becomes all that you do
Everything that you put out there is building you up
Or it’s breaking you down to the ground
Well it’s your choice now
Yeah it’s your voice now
It’s that same sound

@ Wisdom -John Trudell

“Power….. a blizzard is power, an earthquake is power, a tornado is power. These are all things of power that no oppressor, no machine age can put these things of power in a prison. No machine can make these things of power submit to the machine age. That is natural power. And just as it takes millions of billions of elements to make a blizzard to happen, or to the make an earthquake make the earth move; then it is going take millions and billions of us. We are Power. We have that same power. We have the potential for that power. I remember in the 60’s and 70’s and all I heard all these things about power to the people, and I never really understood that, because everyone was saying power to the people and they were taking about demonstrations, talking about voting. They were dealing on the terms of the oppressor. Our power will come back to us, our sense of balance will come back to us, when we go back to natural way of honoring and protecting the earth. If we have forgotten how to do it, and if we think the task is too overwhelming and we can never accomplish it. Then all we have to do as an individual, we can go out and find some spot on the earth we can relate to, feel that energy, feel that power. That’s were our safety will come from, the earth will take care of us.”